Diet is a four letter word

"diet is the sum of food consumed by a person or other organism". Okay, so somebody smarter than me has a pretty good definition for that word. I'm not sure if most people think of the word diet like that. Seems it's always used when referring to food reduction and thereby the reducing of fat from the body. Which, I suppose is a correct analogy.


Get off the Couch

We humans are so good at sitting, sleeping, eating and at being active, among other things. Of course, being active often takes a secondary place compared to a lot of the other, more sedentary pastimes. Sedentary pastimes can be enjoyable but we, as a species, are superb at being active. We just have to practice it to the point of habit. Sort of weird, but we actually work better, and last longer, if we are consistently active. Use it or lose it comes to mind.


Eggs. A short word that has been given to the shell covered bit of life that is squeezed from a chickens rectum. And I call it life because an egg is the chickens way of continuing the life cycle. Until we reach into the straw pile and grab it, and put it in the fridge, and it then becomes a food source for us. And we need food to live.

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